Sunday, 1 April 2012

Hey Guys!

Hey guys ;D

I was about to add a spring field sort of design, but I noticed the lovely owner already did, though mines is a little bit different so I'll add that below! Here is a spring-approved design here~ gingham nails! Paint some white french tips, add a few lines crossing each other like a grid, and some dots where the lines intersect! Don't forget the red line underneath and a fimo slice ;)

For the extremely-spring-approved design below, paint your nails a light blue and sponge on some clouds! (Add a little butterfly on the thumb using big and small dots for the wings :3) The bunny was kind of random, but hey, I needed a buddy on my nail. The bunny is very easy as well, very self-explanatory with circles and dots and ears! Add a sun, grass using a green striper pushing up against your nail to create realistic grass, and finish it off with some very simple flowers (a cluster of light pink dots with a dark pink dot in the middle!) 

That's it for now, more nail art and swatches to come! In fact I think I need to re-do my nails now, because the one one you see above is starting to chip! :O 

Thanks for reading, 
~Sarah ♥ 

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