Sunday, 1 April 2012

Spring floral nail art ideas!

Hi everyone!

Spring is here so I decided to show you all some floral designs you can wear for it!
These are cute meadow nails with fimo flowers. Paint your nails a light blue, make some lines for grass and stick the fimos. You can also make the flowers yourselves using a dotting tool!

A light pink base with light purple stripes. Blue flower and polka dots over it.

Pink base with big light purple flowers and small white ones. Some dark purple hearts.

White flowers with rhinestones and polka dots over rainbow! 

Small flowers with rhinestones created using toothpicks

Small blue and white flowers over the nail tips. Made using toothpicks!

That's for now! I will be uploading some tutorials soon. You can like us on facebook or follow this blog to be updated!

Suggestions or requests? Just comment! :)


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